Digital marketing engineer, Tom Schwab, understands the benefits of optimizing podcasts with transcripts and captions. In the past, he hired professionals to do the work for him. Recently, he gave automatic transcription a try. Below is what he had to say about his first experience using Temi.

Benefits of transcribing and captioning podcasts:
  • Increased watch time
  • Improved accessibility
  • Makes translation easier
  • Gets crawled by Google
  • Adds SEO value
  • Eases content creation

Tom sent us a quick video detailing his reaction to automatic transcription. Naturally, we ran his video through Temi, and you can see a transcript of what he had to say below.

Transcript of Tom’s reaction to

Hey Austin this is Tom Schwab with Interview Valet and I just wanted to reach out to you. Temi is amazing. You know I’ve been a big fan of Rev, as my accountant and you probably know, I spend a lot of minutes and dollars there. Well earlier this week I thought to give it (Temi) a try. And I was amazed at the interface how easy it was to do that first one I think I put in there like a podcast that was almost two hours long and I thought well what’s it going to look like.

It came back to me faster than I could get the next one to download.

I was just amazed by it and I don’t know that if you say it’s ninety-five percent (accurate) I’ll agree with you but man I think I think the AI is better than my spelling and all the rest of that.

It looked great for what we were doing.

I think within probably 15 minutes I spent about $20. All I was doing was taking audio from podcasts and dropping them into Temi and then getting it back and throwing it up below the show notes. The Art of Charm guys out there had told me that their paying a human to do all of this and it’s really really helped their on page ranking so they’re going back and doing all of it that way. And to me, I don’t think the search engines really care if it’s 95 percent or 99 percent (accurate) so I think it’s great. I know I am confident that this will work on podcast interviews. I mean the barrier to entry to try it is so easy.

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